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Artist Design is one of a kind in Japan in making engineering and prototype models.

When it comes to making an engineering model or prototype model of your products, why don't you ask Artist Design?

Thank you very much for visiting Artist Design’s website. We are dedicated in making engineering and prototype models (such as base mold, model, and parts) of any products.

We will meet your request, Make the model within OUR plan. We will meet your request, Make the model within OUR plan.

We are sure to make the model of your product meeting your budget and appointed date of delivery, and in addition we will propose the "A little something extra" that would help you improving your product.

When you are planning to make engineering model and/or prototype model of your product, would you please ask us? We have been complying with any request and have successfully made the model of any product. With our skillful craftsmanship combined with our world's top class equipment, we are dedicated ourselves in making the model the client requests. If your request is too demanding for others to make the model and you have been given a "No, we cannot" response, please contact us. We are confident in responding such demanding request. We highly appreciate even a request of small (as small as one) lot size.

What only the Artist Design can provide:

01 Speed

Quick response to your inquiry

Quick response to your inquiry

We will submit the rough-order-of-magnitude quotation within one hour and the detail quotation within 24 hours. We provide a 24/7/365 service, which is the standard practice in our business to allow you to contact us all year around without a break. You have a limit in your budget, don't you? Sure, we will be able to flexibly cope with your budgetary request. Please do not hesitate to let us know "Our budget is limited to such as such amount".

Model making and delivery in short period of time

Model making and delivery in short period of time

We have satisfied our clients by complying with such request as "This may sound a rather sudden request but we have to ..." in many occasions. Our abundant track records are supporting this capability to make models meeting the short delivery date appointed by clients. Our Know-how allows us to cope with any pattern of the client's demand in short period of time, and this Know-how of ours is the priceless assets of Artist Design.

02 Proposal

02 Proposal

When you have vague idea such as "We are not sure what we should do, but we have to figure out the answer", it is a time you must contact us. We can figure out and visualize your image, and we will be able to propose the solution. Artist Design believes that we have the edge stronger than any others in that we can propose, from our comprehensive and professional point of view, the optimal solution(s) that meets the objectives of your making of engineering model and/or prototype model and that satisfies your needs.

03 Readiness

Given a sudden request and/or tight schedule, we are addressing the request and schedule without making any compromise in our service and products. We are, so to speak, obsessed with proposing the "A little something extra". We do not have an attitude, as for the delivery, that "It is good enough just to meet the appointed date of the delivery", but we are trying to make the delivery a day or even one hour earlier than the promised. We are committed, under any circumstances, to propose the "A little something additional" value other than the cost.

04 Skilled staff

All of our staff is hooked on the "Monozukuri (Japanese way of making things)". We are fully capable of meeting any request the model manufactures are supposed to meet. Now that we always want to expand our horizon by challenging your request the others have said "No, we cannot ...". We have a lot of experiences to satisfy the request the others had said "We cannot ....". We would like to listen to your request that you may think "It may be difficult to make this model".

In addition to making models for our clients, we are developing our own products. In the first step in developing such products as outdoor goods and cellphone covers, we will not make a mold but hand-make the products. The reason why is that we want to foster our creativity and to brush up on our skills so that we can exceed your expectations in every genre or category of products. We are pursuing an improvement in quality through the development of our own products, and we are ready to fulfill your expectations.

Betting Japanese prestige on the Monozukuri - Japanese way of making things as a company in the great country of Monozukuri


Edge of Japan to differentiate itself from other countries ? The edge was, is, and will be the "Monozukuri" sprit of craftsmen. It is commonly acknowledged in recent years that the approach to make the goods has been altered thanks to ever growing development of computer technologies. None the less, it is still unquestionable that Japanese technologies, Japanese creativity, and quality endorsed with "Made in Japan" label are of world's top class.


Regardless of computer technology development, craftsmen and their craftsmanship are the last resorts in making any products. It is Artist Design that is seriously committed in this craftsmanship of its experienced staff.

"Highly sophisticated equipment × Excellent craftsmanship" -- This balanced combination of equipment and craftsmanship do decide the quality of products. Artist Design, against the backdrop of pride as a company in the great country of Monozukuri, has been creating the world's prestigious products by ingenious combination of our equipment and craftsmanship.

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